A collection of collaborations


In The Bear, a Canyon

July 2019

“In The Bear, A Canyon” is a collaborative poem written by Lily Greenberg and rendered visually by Virginia Sitzes. We understand “In The Bear, A Canyon” to be an original image manifested and multiplied through combinations of paper, dye, paint, thread, and ink.

 Our intention was to work out of our lived experiences in the canyon, the “stuff” of which (the memories, landscapes, wildlife) became our primary materials. We then began searching for a container. The bear—a living animal, stranger in the Texas desert, symbol of resurrection—became our vehicle. The final product of “In The Bear, A Canyon” includes all parts of the process: Lily drew phrases from our conversations on enormous sketchpads, and over a series of drafts, began to see stanzas emerge. Virginia colored the stanzas, then made small books from a combination of dying, screen-printing, and sewing papers. Each stanza has its own book, a self-contained part of a whole. For our larger piece, Virginia repeated the combining process, I wrote out the poem on rice paper, and we glued on the stanzas together. Then we had what looked like a very colorful, informational poster (the likes of which one might find at a science fair). So we kept going. Virginia added more dye and paint, and the words became a new element of texture. We continued adding and subtracting (including a sudden rainstorm, a welcome participation from the Canyon itself) until the paper had taken all it could hold.


Rock Rainbow

May 2019

“Rock Rainbow” is a collaboration between Virginia Sitzes and Katelynn Noel Knick. This installation fuses and highlights the fun and lyrical designs of Sitzes and the organic, weightless forms of Knick. Collectively, the sculptures function as a spatial installation allowing the viewers to move between the plush, rock-like forms and get up close to immerse themselves in the hand printed designs.